Maria Sauze studied Photography, Color Theory and Fine Arts in Buenos Aires and has worked and apprenticed in private ateliers in Barcelona, Spain and California. 
Maria, a designer, has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens (North America), Casa Vogue (Spain),
Elle Decor (France and South America) and Cote Sud (France). 
Now based in Los Angeles, she brings many influences from her travel experiences to her photography, juxtaposing urban textures and oversized floral scenes in vibrantly colorful and striking images.
Her photographs - presented as art works designed to hang as large- scale pictures - combine her unique sense of cultural integration with a very contemporary sensibility.

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Interior Design Portfolio

Artist Statement

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and have been living in California for the last 10 years.

As a small girl I used to make up stories with a friend for the images we had collected - I loved photography more than my dolls.

I have since been fortunate to travel and study with various master teachers.

My work emerges from my experiences as a photographer and designer using walls, flowers and water. I explore the everyday relationships that we all share in different ways and integrate these elements as physical and emotional cultural experience.

In poetry, it is common to find deep relationships between nature and human life that reflect human challenges, feelings and passions. In my images,
I wanted to capture moments of life by situating flowers as the center of this human experience. Like a mandala, each one has a different meaning.

The white rose evokes the manifestation of the connection between mother and child, with the idea of exploring the union, partnership, trust, the bond of motherhood, the idea of human love at its most sublime.

The rose becomes the insignia of the mystery of death, the hidden secret of transcendence. The image expresses the mystery of the last stage of creation, the Sabbath- a symbol of the enigma of the end.

The white rose and the red rose. This segment of the composition refers to differences in our humanity, divided by a hatred and discord that encourages the expression of the passions that lead man to confrontation, bitterness and resentment in our violent search for power.

Other flowers appear as symbols of rebirth, fertility, hope, freshness and vital energy. These are the gateway to the path leading to eternal life.

I chose these elements as a central core expressing love, hate, life and death. The bodies of my work are manifestations of human life; they are directions, like a compass at sea, guiding us towards infinite destinations, in all directions, although each of us can live only a singular route. On my own journey, this work symbolizes the harmony of balance, constant change, the power of attraction and rejection, risk, adventure and conflict. These are like the petals of the rose that form a cosmic and symbolic text, exploring the inexplicable architecture of existence.